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There’s More Than One Way to View A Worksheet
right sections that emulate the sections we saw in the Custom Header/Footer option in Page Setup (Figure
9 –26):
Figure 9–26. Kind of blue: Designating a header section in the Page Layout view
On ce y ou’ v e cl i ck e d he r e a Header & Footer Tools tab tops the screen (Figure 9-27):
Figure 9–27. More of the same: Buttons in the Header & Footer tab, duplicating the options in the Page
Setup dialog box
This tab contains what are really the same custom header/footer options we viewed in the Page Setup
dialog box. Click any Header & Footer Element button (no, I can’t explain Excel‘s fondness for the
ampe r san d he r e i n ste ad of the wor d “an d”) an d y ou can add a pag e n umbe r , date , fi l e path, e tc., j ust as
you can via Page Setup. And if you want to add your own text-based header, just type it after you’ve
clicked in a section (Figure 9-28):
Figure 9–28. A user-devised text header
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