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Gimme a (Page) Break—Another View
Figure 9–30. I draw the line: Moving the page break to row 56
T he dotte d l i n e pag e boun dar y has be e n r e pl ace d by an un br oke n l i n e , i n di cati n g that the br e ak
has been introduced by the user , not by Excel. And because we’ve lifted the page break on Page 1 by five
rows, establishing the break five rows “earlier” on the page, Page 2 will now break five rows earlier,
and so on.
And while it’s easy to miss, you can click and drag on the vertical boun dar y of a pr i n t r an g e an d
widen the range by adding columns to it, or narrow the print by excluding columns you had originally
earmarked (Figure 9-31):
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