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Customize Your View, Too
that filter setting, etc., and go on to do other things on the worksheet. You can then trot out the View
when you’re ready to print, and all those saved settings return to the screen.
Note that you can’t save a Custom View to a worksheet that has a defined table on it, so in order to
demonstrate how this works, click in the Salesperson Report table and click the Table Tools context tab
Design Convert to Range in the Tools button group. Answer yes to the prompt. Click the Data tab
Filter in the Sort & Filter button group. Filter the Country field to show sales from the USA only. Then
hide column C. You should see (Figure 9-34):
Figure 9–34. Have it your way: the range, filtered for USA records only, while hiding column C
(Remember that we’ve already set the print range.) Then click the Views tab Custom Views in
the Worksheet Views tab. You’ll see (Figure 9-35):
Figure 9–35. The Custom Views dialog box
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