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Click Add . Type ”newview” in the Name field. Note that the current print settings and hidden
rows, columns, and filter settings will all be saved by the View. Click OK. Then unhide column C, and
cl i ck Select All in the Country filter, restoring the UK records to view. Then Click View Custom Views,
click on ”newview,” and click Show . All your saved settings return to the screen. Note that even if you
had removed the filter completely from the range, the Custom View restores it and reveals only the
USA records—just as you had saved it.
In Conclusion…
As we’ve seen, Excel is happy to supply you with a whole range (pun intended) of print options,
designed to let you nail down exactly what you want to print. Still, print basics are pretty basic—select
your print range, tell Excel about it, and let ‘er rip. Now we’re going to reverse our field—or medium—
by moving from paper to the Internet, to describe how you can share and contribute to workbooks
posted out there on the Web.
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