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Getting There
Once you get your workbooks into (or onto) the cloud, you can view and edit them (within some
important limits, which we’re going to describe), and give them worldwide exposure—if you want to.
Excel Web App 2010 works with Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari 4 and above for the Mac, and
Mozi l l a Fi r e fox 3.5 an d abov e ; an d y ou can star t Exce l wor kbooks fr om scr atch i n the Exce l We b App
2010, even if you don’t have the application on your PC.
That last assertion may raise an eyebrow—or two, for that matter. After all, you may ask, with that
blinding glint in your eye, if the Web App lets me open and use Excel—for free, on the Internet—why
then should I, or my firm, bother to go out and actually buy the application? Well, I’m a smart aleck, too,
and I asked that very question. The answer is that the version of Excel that offers itself to you gratis on
the Web App isn’t fully functional, as they say in the trade. It can’t do everything that your duly
paidfor, desktop-housed copy can; and if you do need to do something that’s beyond the Web App variety,
you’ll need to open the workbook on your PC (also called the desktop client), and save the activity back
to the cloud. That’s how it works, as we’ll see.
Getting There
In order to get started with Web App and to upload your workbooks to that destination you need to
a cce ss Windows Live , which can be navigated to via a variety of routes. You can maneuver here directly
by traveling to the address, or, for example, through Hotmail (if you need a Windows
Live ID you can acquire one from Then sign into Windows Live. You will have been
assigned a SkyDrive , a holding area on the Net—really a cloud-based set of folders to which you can
also store documents, quite apart from any Web App Excel activity. Click the More drop-down arrow on
the menu bar on the top of the screen and click SkyDrive. You’ll see (Figure 10-1):
Figure 10–1. After you’ve accessed your SkyDrive
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