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Figure 10–9. Your browser screen, after you’ve opened the workbook in your PC version of Excel
It’s as if you’ve temporarily moved , and not copied, the sheet back to your PC. Now click the
Workbook name prompt at the top of the screen (above the ribbon), and open the workbook again. Your
changes should be available.
And by “available” that means, among other things, that once you’ve constructed (or
r e con str ucte d) a Pi v otT abl e back at the r an ch on y our home PC an d sav e d i t back to the cl oud, an y data
entry changes you then make while accessing the workbook via your SkyDrive will be reflected in the
PivotTable—at least they will once you click the File tab Data Refresh Selected Connection option.
(Figure 10-10):
Figure 10–10. Where to refresh a PivotTable in the Web App
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