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Permission Granted: Sharing Your Workbooks
We’ve already discussed the Open in Excel option. Save a Copy produces a copy of the workbook on
the cloud, not on your hard drive. Download a Snapshot does what its legend promises—by casting the
entire workbook into a kind of Paste Special-Values version—but it sends the download to your PC, not
the We b App, as doe s Download a Copy , and that copy is likewise dispatched to your hard drive, and
completely detached from the Web. Reload Workbook i s a r athe r odd opti on . It di scar ds “an y chan g e s
si n ce y ou l ast ope n e d the wor kbook...” accor di n g to i ts accompan y i n g capti on , but si n ce Re l oad
Workbook is only available in the Web App’s read-only view—in which you can’t make changes
anyway—what can this mean? It seems to mean this: if you changed or added data to a table—a table
that supplies the data to a PivotTable in that workbook—in the Edit in Browser view, and then close the
workbook and reopen it in that initial View, you can , even here, refresh the PivotTable, whereupon the
data change will appear, and will impact the PivotTable. But if you then click Reload Workbook the
workbook will revert to its pre-refresh appearance, before the data changed the PivotTable. No—
you’re not likely to click this one too often.
Clicking the File tab once you’ve begun to edit the workbook in the browser serves up a couple of
other options, while deleting Reload Workbook from its drop-down (because changes made here are
automatically saved—and so there’s no way to reload the workbook without the cha n g e s). Whe n y ou
cl i ck Where’s the Save Button? Exce l si mpl y muste r s a n on scr e e n pr ompt de cl a r i n g “In Exce l We b A pp,
there is no save button because your workbook is being saved automatically.”
Permission Granted: Sharing Your Workbooks
Of course the Web App is really about the ability to work on documents collectively, anytime and
anywhere. And as the author of your workbooks, you can decide who’s going to be able to view and
even change your data. And the means for implementing those decisions are pretty easy.
Before you proceed, keep in mind that granting access to an individual to view and/or modify a
wor k book i s r e a l l y a col l e cti v e de ci si on , too; tha t’ s be ca use a ffor di n g wor k book a cce ss to a col l e a g ue
means giving him or her that degree of access to all the files in the folder. Save ten workbooks to a
folder, and that person gets to see and/or change any of them.
To award colleagues access rights to your data, return to SkyDrive, and for illustration’s sake click on
My Documents. Because I’ve already uploaded that Salesperson workbook here, I see (Figure 10-12):
Figure 10–12. All by my lonesome: My Documents, before its contents are shared
Click on Just Me , an d y ou’ l l be br oug ht to the Edit permissions screen (Figure 10-13):
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