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Permission Granted: Sharing Your Workbooks
Figure 10–13. The Edit permissions screen
Click Edit permissions and you’ll be brought to your list of existing e-mail contacts stored under
your Windows Live ID (you can import these from your AOL, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. accounts. In my
case my existing Hotmail contacts were automatically posted here.), beneath an Edit Permissions for
My Documents title. Exactly what you see will vary in part by how you’ve organized your contact
categories, if you have any, but everyone should see a Public and Networks he a di n g , be n e a th whi ch
you’ll see the designations Everyone (public) and My Network , that latter category consisting of, to
quote the SkyDrive’s text, “Anyone you add to your profile or to [Internet] Messenger.” (Your profile is
an area—see the top of figure 10-13 for its link—containing basic biographical information about you,
to whi ch y ou ca n se l e cti v e l y g r a n t a cce ss to othe r s.)
You can also click the check box alongside Everyone , and the whole world can view , but not edit,
y our data i n that fol de r . T i ck the box by My Ne twor k, an d a dr op- down me n u appe ar s, pr e se n ti n g y ou
with two options: Can view files , an d Can add, edit details, and delete files . Just cl i ck y our choi ce a n d the
appropriate access level is selected. If you’ve compiled additional names in categories, ticking the box
a dj oi n i n g a ca te g or y ca l l s up the sa me dr op- down me n u, a n d tha t pa i r of a cce ss se l e cti on s.
But you can also add individuals to your access list who aren’t already listed anywhere in your
categories or your network. Type that person’s e-mail address (her Windows Live ID) in the
Individuals field at the bottom of the screen. In the interests of science, I’m entering another e-mail
address of mine, yankinlondon, as the person who’ll be able to view and edit my workbooks (Figure
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