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Figure 10–17. Start spreading the news: The no tification about workbook access
Click View Folder an d y ou’ r e br oug ht di r e ctl y to the owner’s My Documents folder, where the
colleague—that is, the person who’s been given access rights—can view and/or edit the workbook,
depending on the level of access the colleague has received. The message should be retained in the
Inbox, because it’s here where that access originates on subsequent occasions—by clicking View
Fol der .
Hey—You! Get Onto My Cloud !
I don’t know if Mick Jagger is on your contacts list, but once the owner’s folder appears on the
colleague’s screen, he can open any one of its workbooks and edit it in the browser, just as the owner
can, and they can edit the book simultaneously, with all edits making their way into the book, for all to
see. If by some unlikely chance two users find themselves working in the same cell at more or less the
same time, the last edit “wins”—that is, its data takes over the cell—at least until the next edit. What
you can’t do is open the workbook back in Excel (on your PC) and work on it there while others are
editing the workbook.
And as users access the workbook, this little tally pops into the lower right of the worksheet (Figure
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