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Figure 10–18. You’re on notice: who’s editing your workbook
Click the small arrow to the right of that count and a “People editing this workbook” window pops
up, recording the e-mail addresses of the people currently at work on the sheet—so you know who’s
out there at any time.
In Conclusion…
If you’ve got your head in the clouds nowadays—and I’m no stranger to that territory—you’ve
finally got it in the right place. The next big thing—once it gets off the ground (so to speak)—is the
migration of data from your—and everyone else’s—PC to that massive Internet cloud hovering high
above us, raining down its riches anywhere on planet Earth. Perhaps hard drives and CDs will go the
way of floppy disks and other quaint data r epositories, once all your data is saved to the virtual
stratosphere. Excel’s Web App is one more step in that lofty direction. See you up there.
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