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Working With Range Names
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Or you can start to write the formula, and when you get this far
click the Use in Formula button in the Define Names button group. If you do, you’ll see (Figure A–5):
Figure A–5. Using a range name in a formula
(Needless to say if you name several ranges, all of their names will appear in the drop-down
menu.) Click Income and that name will be inserted into the formula. On the other hand, you could also
starting typing
at which point you’ll see the name Income appear in the auto complete function menu (Figure A–6):
Figure A–6. Pick and choose: the range name, via autocomplete
And once you click the Use in Formula button you’ll likewise notice the Paste Names option, a
slightly ambiguous one – because it suggests you can paste a range name into a formula. But we just
did that, and without the assistance of this command. But Paste Names does two very different things.
Clicking Paste Names activates a dialog box bearing two options – Paste List and OK. Clicking Paste
List won’t insert a range name into a formula – rather, it’ll simply list the ranges you’ve named
somewhere on the wor kbook, beginning in a cell of your choosing.
Let’s say, for example, I’ve supplemented the Income range name with a second named range,
called Staff, occupying cells K6:K12 and headed by the name Staff in K5. Click in cell E14 and click
Paste Names (Figure A–7):
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