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Working With Range Names
Figure A–7. The Paste Name dialog box
Click Paste List and you’ll see (Figure A–8):
Figure A–8. The ranges in your workbook, listed
We see that indeed, the ranges are simply listed on the selected worksheet, in this case starting in
E14 (and thus the screen shot above spans cells E14:F15) with both names and range coordinates
reported. Paste List can be a handy means for keeping track of the whos whats and wheres of all your
named ranges right there on a worksheet, without having to return to any dialog boxes to learn that
But click the OK button in the Paste Nanenes dialog box and you get something else entirely. If I
click in cell B6, the cell to the right of the first income figure, and click Use in Formula Paste Names
Income OK, I’ll see Figure A–9):
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