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Naming Many Ranges – at the Same Time
Figure A–10. The Create Names from Selection dialog box: Generating range names from the data
Click OK and nothing really seems to happen on screen. But click the down arrow by the name box
(Figure A–11):
Figure A–11. Voila: Range names from the selection
Something did happen. Excel has fashioned a range name for each row and column in the range
you selected, by appointing the data in the top row and left column as respective range names. Click
on Bob, for example, and Excel will highlight cells G11:I11 – those cells which appear to the immediate
right of Bob’s name. Thus Create from Selection is a fast way to assign range names to individual rows
an d col umn s of data, by g r abbi n g on to l abe l s that top e ach r ow an d si dl e e ach col umn . (Note , by the
way, that the Game One, etc. labels were rewritten as Game_One, and so on, because range names
cannot contain spaces.)
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