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Figure 2–8. The Go To dialog box
Type a cell in the Reference field, press Enter, and again the cell pointer rockets to just that address.
And if you think Go To is a virtual clone of Name Box with nothing new to offer, that isn’t quite true. If
you use Go To repeatedly in the course of your current spreadsheet session, it compiles a list of all the
destinations you’ve previously visited with that command, as shown in Figure 2–9:
Figure 2–9. Getting to a cell via Go To
Click any of the addresses recorded and click OK, and you’ll be returned to that address (those dollar
signs will be explained in a later chapter). (Go To also does a number of other more exotic things, too,
such as flagging all the worksheet’s cells with formulas in them, if you need to know that sort of thing.)
Here’s a table summary of these options we’ve described (the list is not exhaustive, by the way, but
will surely do for now):
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