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Ranges: A Select Tool
In addition, Excel users very often need to perform some sort of mathematical operation on a gaggle
of cells at the same time. Indeed, isn’t adding rows or columns of numbers—the classic Excel task—
exactly what we’re talking about here?
So in order to do this kind of work we need to be able to define ranges on the worksheet. Strictly
speaking, a range is any collection of cells that has been selected or identified at the same time. But more
conventionally put, a range is a set of adjacent cells that exhibit a rectangular shape—and the concept is
far simpler than it sounds.
Figure 2–10, for example, is a range:
Figure 2–10. A typical range
As is Figure 2–11:
Figure 2–11. Another range example, this one narrower and shorter
And so is Figure 2–12:
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