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Entering Text: Trespassing Allowed
if you enter “John” in cell D2 and “Bill” in D3, and then begin to enter “John” in D4, Excel will complete
the name “John” as soon as you type the letter J (this will happen even if you type a lower-case j. See
Figure 2–24:
Figure 2–24. AutoComplete in action; note the formula bar
That is, Excel will try to AutoComplete the name. If you approve of the suggestion, simply press
Enter. But if you really want to type “Jerry” in D4, just keep on typing. Note that if you’ve already entered
“Mary” and “May” in different cells, you’ll need to type the third letter in either of these names, as Excel
won’t otherwise know which name you wanted to AutoComplete. But again, if you want “Martin”
instead, keep on typing.
But what is entirely possible to ignore is another, related feature. Once you’ve typed even one name
with the intention of continuing to type down a column, you can right-click the next cell, and take note
of this option in Figure 2–25:
Figure 2–25. Your on-the-fly drop-down list in the making…
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