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Figure 2—33. Cells-by dates
Rather economical, isn’t it? I started here with Tuesday and dragged horizontally, and could have
dragged as far as I wanted. (Yes, the column widths may need tweaking, but you know how to do that
And if I type any month and drag on the handle, I bet you know what’s going to happen (Figure 2–34):
Figure 2–34. 30-day guarantee…filling the months
Moreover, I can do the same with three-letter day or month abbreviations. Type Wed, drag the fill
handle, and you get Thu, Fri, Sat, etc. Type Jul and Aug, Sept, Oct, etc. emerge.
These four Auto-fill routines—day, month, and respective three-letter abbreviations—are built into
Excel. But you can construct your own lists, too, such that when you type any one of its names and drag
the fill handle, all the other names streak onto the screen. How?
Like this. Click the File tab, and then Options (in the left column), and click again on Advanced.
Scroll down the window—pretty far down, until you approach the end and see the Edit Custom Lists
button (Figure 2–35):
Figure 2–35. Try this at home…where to start making your custom list
Click and you’ll see (Figure 2–36):
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