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There’ll Be Some Changes Made—Editing Cells
Figure 2–41. The formula bar revisited
To edit our text via this method, just click the cell containing our text. As usual, you’ll see it
displayed in the formula bar, as shown in Figure 2–42:
Figure 2–42. What you type is what you get in the formula bar
Then click inside the formula bar, right alongside the lower-case t. Note that when your mouse
enters the formula bar area, it acquires a Word-like I-bar appearance, exactly what you see in Word
when you move your mouse around text in a document.
And when you click in the bar, the cursor reappears (along with that check mark and X), as you can
see in Figure 2–43:
Figure 2–43. Editing a cell inside the formula bar
Then just make any changes as per standard word-processing steps; when you’re done, press Enter
or click the checkmark. And if in the course of your editing labors you click alongside the wrong
character in the formula bar, just click again wherever you want and start to edit.
This last technique is also easy, but requires a measure of care. Let’s return to that recalcitrant
lower-case t. We can place our mouse over that letter—back in the cell this time, and not the formula
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