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There’ll Be Some Changes Made—Editing Cells
bar—and simply double-click. The standard Excel white cross remakes itself into the cursor, at which
point you can begin to edit. The caution is this: you can’t directly double-click any letter that by
appearances has run into adjoining columns. Thus you can’t double-click the E in Excel (Figure 2–44):
Figure 2–44. Double-click to edit? That depends.
even though, as previously noted, all the text is lodged in but one cell. Thus, in order to edit the E this
way, you need to double-click anywhere within the span of the source cell—in this case somewhere
between the words “this is how” and then press your arrow keys or click upon the E and edit. Quirky, but
that’s how it works. And remember, as per our discussion earlier, you can cancel an edit by pressing the
Esc key or clicking the X.
And now that we’ve found a place for our data, what do we do with all of it? It’s time to learn some of
the ways you can crunch all those numbers that beckon in your newly entered cells. So just turn the page.
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