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Cell references explained
Figure 3–2. Each value assigned its own cell
and then subject these to a formula instead, we’ll achieve the same result—246—but we’ll also
realize some very important spreadsheet advantages (note that the numbers don’t have to be lined up in
one column or row in order to be able to add them; they can be strewn anywhere on the worksheet, but
we’re starting simple).
So let’s try to add those numbers. Say you type the numbers above in cells B6 through B14. Then do
the following:
Click in cell B15 and type the equal sign =
Click on cell B6 and type +. You should see the result shown in Figure 3–3:
Figure 3–3. Plan B: Adding the values with cell references instead
Click on each of the remaining cells to be added, followed in each case by +.
When you’re finished, tap Enter. Your formula:
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