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Figure 3–31. The Insert Function dialog box
In fact, this Insert Function box does nothing more than enumerate the same contents of the respective
Library buttons. Click the Or select a category drop-down arrow and you’ll see the identical categories by
which the Library buttons are classified. Then click a category and any of the function names that appear
next, and you’ll be returned to exactly the same function Arguments dialog box we witnessed a few
screen shots back..
And take note of the Formulas tab’s Insert Function button. Click it and, well, you’ve done nothing
more than tap a giant-sized twin of the fx button. Is this button redundant? Probably.
But there is another, decidedly different way to requisition the function you want. Click the cell in
which you’re working, type =, and begin to enter the function name. As you type, an AutoComplete
mechanism activates, presenting and narrowing a list of functions beginning with the letters you’ve
typed. Type more letters and the list shrinks, as shown in Figure 3–32:
Figure 3–32. AutoComplete at work here, too
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