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Using Other Functions
Using Other Functions
On the Formulas tab, Excel groups other
functions that while perhaps less popular, are still
very useful. In fact, you may find yourself using
the Statistical functions quite often, although
perhaps you will not often insert them using
the Formulas tab. Most likely, you will insert the
following Statistical functions using the AutoSum
button, explained earlier in this chapter:
There are a few related functions that you might
be interested in, such as the COUNTA function,
which counts the number of non-blank cells
(numbers and text cells are counted) in the
given ranges. The syntax is:
=COUNTA(Range1,Range2,...and so on)
The COUNTBLANK function is similar, except
that it counts the number of blank (empty) cells
in the given ranges. The syntax is:
= AVERAGE(Range1,Range2,...and so on):
The AVERAGE function calculates the
mean (average) of the values in the given
=COUNTBLANK(Range1,Range2,...and so on)
= COUNT(Range1,Range2,...and so on):
The COUNT function counts the cells in
the given Range(s) containing numbers
(cells that are blank cells or contain text
are ignored).
= MIN(Range1,Range2,...and so on):
The MIN function finds the lowest value
in the given Range(s).
= MAX(Range1,Range2,...and so on):
The MAX function finds the highest value
in the given Range(s).
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