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Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Formula Errors
Formula Errors
It’s the nature of computing to encounter errors. In fact,
that’s one reason for using a computer for complex tasks—so that it
can check your work for errors and let you know when you’ve created
one. Of course, nothing’s perfect, not even a computer, and so you cannot
depend on Excel to flag every error for you. For example, you might have
referenced the wrong cell in a formula. The formula is valid, but displays
the wrong result because it is using the wrong values.
In such cases, Excel provides you with other ways in which you can
doublecheck your work and eliminate errors. For example, you might display the
formulas in a worksheet so you can easily double-check them in order
ensure that they were entered correctly. In addition, Excel provides you
with tools for locating formulas with incorrect syntax, tracing formulas back
to their source(s), and observing changes to results when values are changed.
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