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Displaying Formulas in a Worksheet
Displaying Formulas in a Worksheet
As you know, formulas do not
normally display in the worksheet. Instead, the
results of formulas appear in the result cells. If
you click a result cell, the formula appears in the
Formula bar—but that means in order to check a
formula, you have to first find and then click its
result cell and look in the Formula bar. A rather
tedious process, especially if your worksheet has
a lot of formulas.
Follow these steps to display formulas:
1. Change to the worksheet containing the
formulas you want to display. To change
from one worksheet to another, click the
worksheet’s tab, located along the bottom
of the Excel window.
2. Click the Formulas tab.
3. Click the Show Formulas button, located in
the Formula Auditing group. Cells are
automatically expanded to display formulas fully,
as shown in Figure 4-1.
Luckily, Excel allows you to display formulas
instead of results when needed. With formulas
displayed, it’s easier to double-check each one
to ensure that it was entered correctly, which is
particularly helpful when the formulas in your
worksheet are long or complex.
Cells referred to by the
result cell are highlighted
Show Formulas
With formulas displayed, you can
print them if you like, and then use
the printout to double-check formulas.
Displaying formulas in a worksheet is an all-or-
nothing thing, which means that once you display
formulas, they remain displayed in that
worksheet until you turn the feature off. By the way,
this is a worksheet-level feature, so if you want
to display formulas in all the worksheets in a
workbook, you need to repeat these steps for
each worksheet.
Figure 4-1
One way to check formulas is to display
them in the worksheet.
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