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Telling Excel to Flag Result Cells with an Error
Telling Excel to Flag Result Cells with an Error
Excel can be set up to flag a formula’s
result cell if it contains an error, with a small
green triangle in its upper-left corner in order to
let you know that there’s a problem. You might
think that displaying an error message such as
#NUM! and flagging a cell with a green flag is
a bit much, but that little green flag makes it
easier to correct such errors, as you will see in
a moment.
Set Options that Enable Excel to Flag Errors
Green flags do not appear on error cells unless
you tell Excel that you want them to display.
To tell Excel to flag formulas with errors, follow
these steps:
1. Click the File tab to display Backstage.
Figure 4-3
Cells referenced in a formula are surrounded
by a colored box that matches the cell
address in the formula itself.
2. Select Options from the list on the left.
The Excel Options dialog box appears.
3. Select Formulas from the list on the left.
The Formula options appear on the right, as
shown in Figure 4-3.
6. Click OK. Excel immediately marks any error
cells with a small triangle of the color you
4. Select the Enable Background Error Checking
5. (Optional) If you want, select the color you
want Excel to use for its error triangles (the
triangles that appear in the upper-left corner
of error cells). Normally, Excel uses green, but
you can choose a different color if you want.
Just click the Indicate Errors Using This Color
button to open a palette of colors.
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