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Controlling Whether Errors Print
Controlling Whether Errors Print
When errors existing in a worksheet,
Excel often displays error messages in result cells
(such as #DIV/0!) instead of some kind of result.
If you are printing your worksheet, you may
prefer to display a blank cell rather than an
irritating message. If so, follow these steps to
prevent error messages from appearing in your
3. Click the Sheet tab.
4. Click the down arrow on the Cell Errors As
drop-down menu to open it, and choose
what you would like to display in place of
the error messages that normally appear in
result cells with errors. You can display a
blank (empty) cell, dashes, or the text, #N/A.
5. Click OK. The worksheet does not change,
but what appears when you print will.
1. Click the Page Layout tab.
2. Click the Dialog Box Launcher in the Page
Setup group. The Page Setup dialog box
appears, as shown in Figure 4-13.
6. To print the worksheet, click the File tab to
display Backstage.
Select Print from the list on the left. The
Print options appear on the right.
8. After setting your print options, click Print
to print the worksheet.
Figure 4-13
Choose what to display in place of error
messages in result cells.
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