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Adjusting Columns and Rows
Changing Row Height
While the need to adjust column widths is more
common than the need to adjust row heights,
it’s equally simple to make your rows the right
height for their content. Here are your options:
The AutoFit Row Height command in the
Home tab’s Format button menu does the
same thing as double-clicking the row
number seam. Just select the rows first
and then make the button menu selection.
Double-click. Take your mouse and point
to the dividing seam, as indicated in
Figure 5-5, between the row numbers on
the row you want to adjust and the one
beneath it. When your mouse pointer
turns to a two-headed (up and
downpointing) arrow, double-click. The row is
automatically adjusted to the height of
the tallest entry in that row.
Use the Ribbon. For those who prefer a
more step-by-step approach, adjusting
rows can be done from a menu, too.
Select the rows you want to make taller
or shorter, and using the Cells group of
the Home tab, click the Format button.
In the menu shown in Figure 5-6, choose
Row Height and then use the dialog box
shown in Figure 5-7 to adjust the row’s
height to a specific measurement. The
number displayed when you open the
dialog box is the current setting, based on
the default font size (which is measured
in points), and a small allowance for
space above and below the text/numbers
in the cells in the row. When choosing a
new setting, the higher the number you
enter, the taller the column will be.
Point to this seam and double-click to
adjust the upper row automatically
Figure 5-5
Use your mouse to double-click or drag
the rows to the desired height.
When you change the font size in any cell
in a row, the row adjusts automatically,
to accommodate that new height. If you
manually adjust the row afterward, the
new height you set will remain in place
until you use one of the aforementioned
methods to manually adjust its height.
Click and drag. Again pointing to the
same seam shown in Figure 5-5, when
your mouse pointer turns to a two-headed
arrow, drag. Drag down to make the row
taller, or up to make it shorter.
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