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Adjusting Columns and Rows
Use the Insert button. Select the rows
below where you want your new ones
to appear, and use the Insert button on
the Home tab. There’s no need to click the
arrow to display the menu—just click
the Insert button itself, and your new rows
appear. If you do click the arrow, just
choose Insert Sheet Rows from the menu.
Figure 5-11 shows the new resulting row
in place, awaiting content.
Inserting Cells
If you want to insert a single cell into a row or
column, or add a quick range of cells—usually a
block of cells within a column or row—you can
do so by following these steps:
1. Select a range of cells equal to the number
(and configuration) of the cells you want to
insert. For example, as shown in Figure 5-12,
if you want to insert five cells in a column,
select five existing cells within the column,
either to the right of or below where you
want the new cells to appear.
Figure 5-11
The inserted row appears below the
originally selected row.
Don't Forget to Adjust Your Formulas
Figure 5-12
Select the same number of cells that
you want to insert.
When inserting columns or rows, keep your
existing formulas in mind. If you add a row
within a series of rows that contain cells that
are included in a SUM formula that sums
a range, the range will update to include
the new row’s cell. If you add a row at the
bottom of an existing series, you’ll have to
update the formula manually to include the
cell in the new row. The same goes for
columns—if you add a column within a series,
any formulas referencing the range that now
includes that column will be updated. Not
so if you add a column at the end of a series.
Not sure how to edit a formula or check on
the impact that a new row or column has had?
Check out Chapters 2 and 3, on formulas
and functions, respectively.
2. Right-click the selection and choose Insert
from the pop-up menu. The dialog box shown
in Figure 5-13 appears, offering you four
choices as to how Excel can accommodate
your request.
Figure 5-13
Tell Excel how to
insert the desired
cells within the
worksheet at hand.
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