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Formatting Cell Content
Figure 5-20
The Colors dialog box offers over a million
shades, through the Standard and Custom tabs.
Pick a color and click OK.
Figure 5-18
Pick a font based on the graphic
samples in the Font menu.
Adding Borders and Shading
Continuing with the options available in the
Font group of the Home tab, you can apply the
following to selected cells—bear in mind these
changes apply to the cells, rather than to the text
or numbers within them. As shown in row 3 of
Figure 5-21, the Fill Color and Borders tools fill
the cells with color and apply a custom border.
Font Color. The A on top of a color block
(red by default) opens a palette of colors
drawn from various Office Themes
(showing a series of compatible shades)
or Standard colors (see Figure 5-19). The
More Colors link opens a larger palette in
the Colors dialog box, as shown in Figure
5-20, through two tabs—Standard and
Custom—and literally millions of color
Figure 5-21
Use the Borders and Fill Color tools
to dress up your cells.
Figure 5-19
Utilizing a feature called Live Preview, you can mouse
over the palette to see the selected cells displayed in
any color available through the palette.
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