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Formatting Cell Content
To apply these effects, select the cells, and click
the drop-down arrows next to each of the buttons:
Applying Borders
with a Drawing Tool
Fill Color. This button presents a palette,
much like the Font Color button. You
can pick from Office Themes colors, or
Standard colors, or click More Colors to
open the dialog box shown in Figure 5-22.
The Draw Borders section of the Borders
menu offers tools for using a drawing tool
to apply borders. You can choose the drawn
border colors and styles, using the palettes
displayed by choosing the Line Color and
Line Style commands.
Borders. Click the arrow next to this
button (the button shows the last border
applied, or if not used yet, the bottom
border) to display the menu shown in
Figure 5-22.
More Borders. This command, found at
the foot of the Borders menu, opens a
dialog box through which you can
completely customize the sides of the
cells to be given a border, including the
thickness, style, and color of the borders.
Figure 5-23 shows the Format Cells dialog
box, open to the Border tab. You’ll be
seeing more of this dialog box and its other
tabs as we move through the rest of this
Figure 5-22
Apply borders to one or
more sides of a single
cell or range of cells.
More Borders
Figure 5-23
The Border tab in the Format Cells dialog
box offers true border customization.
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