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Applying Numeric Formatting
Percent Style. This command converts
the numeric content of your cells to a
percentage. If your cell contains .50,
that becomes 50%. If it contains .555, that
becomes 56%, because this format rounds
up by default.
Sampling the Number
Format Results
You’ll notice that each of the options in the
Number Format menu contains a sample of
what that particular format will do to the
selected cells. For the cell selected when
Figure 5-29 was created, the number 8 is
shown as a plain number, as currency, in
accounting format, in two different date
formats, as a time, a percentage, a fraction,
in scientific notation, and as text. If you have
more than one cell selected, it’s assumed
that they all need the same formatting, so
the first cell in the selection is shown in
each menu sample.
Comma Style. Do you want a comma
after thousands, as in 1,000 instead of
1000? Click this button and the comma is
inserted, as well as two decimal places—
so 1000 becomes 1,000.00. You can use
the Decrease Decimal button (coming up
next) to get rid of the decimals if you
only want to see 1,000.
Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal.
These two buttons add or remove decimal
places. Each click of the respective
buttons adds or removes one decimal place.
Use them to customize Currency, Comma
Style, and Percent Style formatting, as
well as formatting applied through the
Number Format command’s choices, such
as Accounting, which automatically
applies two decimal places to numbers.
Currency. Click this button to apply the
currency for the country you indicated
was the default when you installed Office
2010, or click the arrow to see a list of
common currencies for countries
including the US, UK, the European Union, China,
and France, as shown in Figure 5-31.
Figure 5-31
Pick the currency style for the country whose
money your selected cells contain.
Figure 5-32
Right-click your way to a host of formatting options
in the Format Cells dialog box, and a quick set of
tools on the floating formatting toolbar.
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