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Applying Office Themes and Layouts
Applying Office Themes and Layouts
The Page Layout tab , shown in Figure
5-40, contains tools for adjusting the overall look
of your worksheet—not individual cells, but the
entire worksheet itself. Your choices on this tab
Page Setup. Working with any of the
seven buttons in this group allows you to
change how your worksheet will print—
where page breaks will occur, what will
print on each page (a pre-set print area,
titles, and so on), and whether or not
your page will have a background
image—a photo or other image that
appears behind the gridlines and your
worksheet content.
Themes. This tab group contains Themes,
which are collections of formats that
combine compatible colors, fonts, and
border styles, and three separate buttons
for Colors, Fonts, and Effects, if you want
to customize things a bit more. Click any
of the buttons to view a palette of
options, each represented by color
swatches and/or graphical examples of
the impact the selection would have on
your worksheet. Figure 5-41 shows the
Effects palette and all the special effects
that each offers.
Unless your photo or other image is very
light, don’t apply a background image.
It can really interfere with legibility, as
shown in Figure 5-42, where the photo
makes it impossible to read the
worksheet’s content.
Page Setup
Scale to Fit
Figure 5-40
Make sweeping visual changes to
your whole worksheet through the
Page Layout tab’s options.
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