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Chapter 6 Managing Large Amounts of Excel Data
Managing Large Amounts
of Excel Data
Because Excel is so adept at managing data, people are not the
least bit hesitant to enter large amounts of data into a worksheet.
However, large worksheets bring with them their own rules for
using them successfully. If you have a worksheet with lots of data, you
probably already know what I mean, but let me explain.
Large worksheets are by their very nature, large. This often means you
will not always see the entire worksheet at one time. In addition, large
worksheets seem to gather together in large workbooks full of several
sheets, each with its own purpose. Both of these tendencies make working
within such structures a bit difficult, as you often need to switch between
worksheets and scroll within them to locate the data you are looking for.
You’ll discover several techniques in this chapter that will help you not
only move back and forth within large worksheets and workbooks with
ease, but to quickly find the data you want.
Large workbooks may have several similar worksheets, such as January,
February, and March sales figures. These similarities make it easy to build
such workbooks, and to make sweeping changes, as you’ll soon learn.
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