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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Working with Multiple Worksheets
An Excel workbook starts out with
three worksheets, although quite often, you may
only use one. Each of these worksheets has a
generic name, such as Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on,
although you can rename them as needed. You
can remove sheets from a workbook that you
aren’t using, and make the file slightly smaller
and easier to use. You can also add sheets to a
workbook, if you need to gather related
information together (such as each month’s sales figures)
and yet keep them separate and unique. If you
are building such a workbook, you can create
the first month’s sales worksheet, complete with
formulas and formatting, and copy it over and
over within the workbook, saving tons of time.
In this section, you learn how to perform all of
these tasks, and many more related to working
within a workbook that contains multiple
Moving Between Worksheets
Even if you’re not a terribly curious person by
nature, if a workbook contains more than one
worksheet, at some point or another, your
curiosity will simply overwhelm you. What lies
beyond this current worksheet? What treasures
(or additional work) lay behind those other
worksheet tabs? Well, thar may be dragons, as
they used to say, or there may be treasures on
those other worksheets. But the only way you
will find out is to change from the current
worksheet to another one.
You probably noticed by now that Excel lines its
worksheets up along the bottom of the
workbook window, each represented by a single tab,
like a tab in a large notebook. The tab for the
currently displayed worksheet appears in white,
as shown in Figure 6-1.
Tab Split
You can change the default number of
worksheets if you like—just click the File
tab to display Backstage view, and then
select Options from the list on the left.
The Excel Options dialog box appears.
Select General from the list on the left to
display the General options. In the When
Creating New Workbooks section, type
the number of worksheets you want
Excel to include in all new workbooks in
the Include This Many Sheets box. Click
OK to save your changes.
Figure 6-1
Each worksheet is represented by its own tab.
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