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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Right-click a sheet tab and select Insert
from the menu that appears. The Insert
dialog box appears, as shown in Figure
6-3. On the General tab, select Worksheet,
and then click OK. A sheet is inserted in
front of the sheet you right-clicked.
All of the previous methods described
here insert a single sheet into the
workbook. However, you can insert multiple
sheets in one step if you like. Start by
selecting the number of sheets you want
to insert by clicking the tab of the sheet
in front of which you want to insert more
sheets. Then press Shift and click another
worksheet tab, so that the total of tabs
selected is equal to the number of sheets
you want to insert. Then follow any of
the methods here (such as clicking the
arrow on the Insert button on the Home
tab and selecting Insert Sheet) to add
multiple sheets, equal in number to the
sheets you selected. These sheets appear
in front of the first tab you clicked.
Figure 6-3
Select what you want to insert into the workbook.
Click the Insert Worksheet button, located
at the right end of the sheet tabs, as shown
in Figure 6-4.
New sheets are given names unique to the
workbook such as Sheet4, Sheet5, and so on. The
names of sheets that were added to the
workbook at some other time are not reused even if
they were renamed or removed. You can rename
these newly inserted sheets if you want, in order
to make their purpose more obvious to the users
of the workbook. See “Renaming Worksheets.”
Insert Worksheet
Figure 6-4
Insert a worksheet quickly using
the Insert Worksheet button.
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