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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Deleting Worksheets
If a workbook contains sheets you do not plan
on using, you can remove the unwanted sheets
and make the workbook file a bit smaller. If a
sheet contains data, it can removed as well,
although you should check to be sure you do
not want that data before removing it.
Getting Your Lost Data Back
If you delete a worksheet that contains data,
you will not be able to undo your action, so
be sure that removing the worksheet is what
you want to do before you confirm. If you
do accidentally delete a worksheet with data
that you wanted to keep, immediately close
the workbook and do not save your changes.
(Of course, you will lose any changes you
may have made and not saved just prior to
accidentally deleting the worksheet, so
consider that before you close the workbook
without saving.)
Confirming a Sheet Deletion
Excel does stop to confirm whether you
want to delete a sheet that has data on it
before it actually does so, so have no fear
when removing worksheets.
Follow these steps to remove a worksheet:
1. Click the tab of the sheet you want to
Figure 6-5
If a worksheet contains data, you must
confirm that you want it deleted before
Excel will remove it from the workbook.
2. Choose either of the following methods to
remove the selected sheet:
Click the arrow on the Delete button on
the Home tab, and select Delete Sheet
from the menu that appears.
Right-click the sheet tab and select
Delete from the menu that appears.
All of the previous methods described
here remove only a single sheet from
the workbook. However, you can remove
multiple sheets in a single step if you
want. Start by selecting the sheets you
want to remove by pressing Ctrl and
clicking each tab. Then follow any of the
methods here (such as clicking the arrow
on the Delete button on the Home tab
and selecting Delete Sheet) to remove the
sheets. If any of the worksheets contain
data, click Delete to confirm.
3. If the sheet contains data, a warning dialog
box appears, as shown in Figure 6-5. Click
Delete to delete the sheet. If you have
reconsidered and no longer want to remove the
sheet, click Cancel instead.
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