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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Renaming Worksheets
Unlike people, worksheets are not immediately
given meaningful names. Instead, worksheets
typically bear generic-sounding names like
Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. If a workbook
contains lots of data spread out over several
worksheets, you can make it easier for users to locate
the data they need by giving your worksheets
names that correspond to the data they contain.
For example, you might name worksheets April,
May, June, and 2nd Qtr Totals.
4. Press Enter. The new name appears on the
worksheet tab.
Press Esc (before you press Enter) if you
change your mind and you no longer
want to rename the worksheet.
Follow these steps to rename a worksheet:
Copying Worksheets
An easy way to build up a complex workbook
full of worksheets is to create a single sheet,
and to copy that sheet over and over as needed.
When you copy a worksheet, all of its data,
including row and column headings, formulas,
and worksheet titles, are duplicated in the copy.
In addition, formatting and column widths are
also copied.
1. Click the tab of the sheet you want to
2. Choose any of the following methods to
rename the selected sheet:
Click the Format button on the Home
tab, and select Rename Sheet from the
menu that appears.
Right-click the sheet tab and select
Rename from the menu that appears.
Using these copies, you can then make simple
adjustments (changing the title from May
Revenues to June Revenues, for example), and
quickly create a new worksheet. The idea behind
copying worksheets is that you are not stuck
with the tedious process of recreating similar
worksheets over and over again in a large
Double-click the tab of the sheet you
want to rename.
3. The current tab name is highlighted, as
shown in Figure 6-6. Type a new name for
the sheet, up to 31 characters. You can use
numbers, letters, spaces, and special
characters (such as $ and %) if you like.
You can copy a worksheet to a place within the
current workbook, or to any other workbook.
Figure 6-6
Identify the contents of each sheet by renaming it.
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