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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Follow these steps to copy a worksheet:
5. Select the Create a Copy checkbox.
1. Click the tab of the sheet you want to copy.
You can copy multiple sheets if you want by
pressing Ctrl and clicking the tabs of the
sheets you want to copy.
Adding New Data to the
End of the Worksheet
If you want to place the copied worksheet(s)
at the end of the worksheet tabs and in front
of the Insert Worksheet button, choose
(Move to End) from the Before Sheet list.
2. Choose either of the following methods to
copy the selected sheet(s):
Click the Format button on the Home
tab, and select Move or Copy Sheet from
the menu that appears.
Right-click one of the selected sheet
tab(s) and select Move or Copy from the
menu that appears.
6. Click OK. The selected worksheet(s) are copied
and placed where you indicated. The copies
are given a name similar to the original
worksheets, with the addition of a number,
such as Qtr 2 Sales (2).
3. The Move or Copy dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 6-7. Select the open
workbook to which you want to copy the
worksheet(s) from the To Book list.
You can quickly copy a worksheet within
the current workbook by pressing and
holding Ctrl, dragging its tab along the
row of tabs, and dropping the tab where
you want the copy to go.
Moving Worksheets
Complex workbooks with lots of worksheets
often benefit from good organization—and one
way in which that happens is by moving
worksheets around until they appear in a logical order.
Now, of course, there is no right or wrong order,
but sometimes the right order will present itself—
for example, the Qtr 1 Budget should probably
appear before (to the left of) the Qtr 2 Budget
sheet in the tab list along the bottom of the
Excel window.
Figure 6-7
Select where you want the worksheet copied.
4. Select a sheet in front of which you want the
copied worksheet(s) placed within the selected
workbook by selecting a sheet from the Before
Sheet list.
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