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Working with Multiple Worksheets
You can move a worksheet to a place within the
current workbook, or to any other workbook.
Follow these steps to move a worksheet:
You can quickly move a worksheet within
the current workbook by simply dragging
its tab along the row of tabs, and
dropping the tab where you want to move it.
1. Click the tab of the sheet you want to move.
You can move multiple sheets by pressing
Ctrl and clicking the tabs of the sheets you
want to move.
Changing Worksheet Tab Colors
Normally, a worksheet’s tab is gray until you
click it to make it active, in which case it then
changes to white. When you’re dealing with
workbooks that contain only a few worksheets
at most, this works out just fine. When working
with complex workbooks that contain lots of
data and worksheets, organizing the sheet tabs
by color can be truly helpful. For example, in a
workbook that chronicles the schedule, budget,
and actual costs related to a long-term project,
you might color the schedule and schedule
timeline chart the same color, such as blue. Other
related tabs, such as the actual costs sheets,
might also bear the same color, such as red, as
shown in Figure 6-8.
2. Choose either of the following methods to
move the selected sheet(s):
Click the Format button on the Home
tab, and select Move or Copy Sheet from
the menu that appears.
Right-click one of the selected sheet
tab(s) and select Move or Copy from
the menu that appears.
3. The Move or Copy dialog box appears (see
Figure 6-7). Select the open workbook to
which you want to move the worksheet(s)
from the To Book list.
4. Select a sheet in front of which you want
the worksheet(s) moved within the selected
workbook by selecting a sheet from the
Before Sheet list.
5. Click OK. The selected worksheet(s) are
moved where you indicated.
Figure 6-8
Use tab colors to visually organize
worksheets in a workbook.
Placing Data at the End
Use Color Sparingly
If you want to move the worksheet(s) to
the end of the worksheet tabs and in front
of the Insert Worksheet button, choose
(Move to End) from the Before Sheet list.
You do not need to add color to every sheet
tab in a workbook. If a particular sheet is
important, and you want to call attention
to it so it’s easy to find in a forest of sheets,
you can color just that tab if you like.
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