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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Now, when you color a worksheet tab, that color
appears on the tab when it is not selected, as
shown in Figure 6-8. When the tab is selected,
like the Actual Costs tab shown in Figure 6-8,
only a hint of its tab color appears as a stripe
across the bottom of the tab. In this case, if you
look closely, you might see a hint of red in that
stripe that runs along the bottom of the Actual
Costs tab.
Figure 6-9
Select a color for the tab.
To change a tab’s color, follow these steps:
Click to Select a
Basic Color
Drag to Adjust
1. Click the tab you want to color. You can
select multiple tabs and color them all in
one step—just press and hold Ctrl as you
click each tab.
2. Choose either of the following methods to
color the selected tab(s):
Click the Format button on the Home
tab, and point to Tab Color from the
menu that appears.
Right-click one of the selected sheet
tabs and point to Tab Color from the
menu that appears.
3. A palette of colors appears (see Figure 6-9).
Click the color you want for the selected
tab(s). The tab(s) are immediately changed to
the color you selected, although the current
tab appears in white with only a stripe of
that color running along the bottom.
Figure 6-10
Mix a custom color for the tab if you want.
After selecting a good basic color, drag
the Saturation slider to adjust the color’s
If you don’t see a color you like, select More
Colors from the palette. The Colors dialog
box appears, as shown in Figure 6-10,
displaying the Custom tab.
If the Custom tab is too intimidating, you
can quickly select a basic color without a lot
of fuss. Click the Standard tab to display the
standard colors, as shown in Figure 6-11.
Just click any of the colored hexagons. After
choosing a color, click OK to apply it to the
selected tab(s).
Start by clicking the Colors palette to choose
a basic color. If you don’t get the exact color
you want to start with, you can click again or
drag the pointer over the Colors palette.
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