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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Select a Standard
Displaying Data Stored
Elsewhere in the Workbook
Sometimes, especially in situations in which a
worksheet contains a lot of data, you might
want to be able to redisplay the contents of a
cell in more than one location—either on that
same worksheet, or on another worksheet in the
same workbook. For example, suppose you set
up a workbook with a worksheet that lists each
of your company’s products, and its selling price,
based on whether it was sold through your
catalog, online, or at a tradeshow. On other
worksheets, you want to list the number of units sold
for each item that month, through each of your
various vertical markets. You want to display the
current price on each of the monthly worksheets
by simply redisplaying the prices you’ve already
entered on the price sheet, as shown in Figure
Figure 6-11
Select one of the standard colors
for the tab if desired.
Theme Colors Affect Tab Colors
Displaying Data from
Another Workbook
If you select a theme color (a color that
appears in the top portion of the color
palette) and you later change themes, the
tab colors change to coordinate with the
new theme.
You can also display data stored in a
different workbook. See the section “Displaying
Data Stored in Another Workbook” for help.
Here’s how to display data stored elsewhere in
the workbook:
To remove the color from a tab, follow
the steps in this section, but select No
Color from the color palette.
1. Click the cell where you want the data to
2. Type the equals (=) sign.
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