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Working with Multiple Worksheets
Type the Cell
To Link to
Select the Worksheet
To Link to
6. Click OK. The link is inserted into the
worksheet. When you click the link, the cursor is
moved to the cell you linked to.
Linking to a Different Workbook
or Other File
To create a hyperlink to a place within a different
workbook or to some other file such as a Word
document, follow these steps:
Figure 6-18
Create a link to another location
in this same workbook.
1. Click the cell containing the text you want to
use as the link, or click a graphic.
2. Click the Hyperlink button on the Insert tab.
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 6-19.
4. Enter the address of the cell you want to link
to in the Type The Cell Reference text box. If
you want to link to a cell on a different
worksheet, select that worksheet from the Cell
Reference section of the Or Select A Place In
This Document box, and then type the cell
Select the Workbook
To Link to
To save time, you can give the cell(s)
within the worksheet that you want to
link to range names, and then select one
of those range names from the Defined
Names section of the Or Select A Place In
This Document box to link to that
particular cell.
Figure 6-19
Create a link to another workbook or other file.
3. Click the Existing File or Web Page button
from the Link To list.
4. Enter the path to the file you want to link to
in the Address text box, or select the drive
and folder containing the file from the Look
In list and then select the file.
5. To enter a ScreenTip for the link, click the
ScreenTip button, type the description to
display in the ScreenTip, and click OK to return
to the dialog box.
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