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Linking to an E-Mail Address
To create a hyperlink that generates an e-mail
message pre-addressed to a particular address,
follow these steps:
5. Type a description for the e-mail message in
the Subject box.
6. To enter a ScreenTip for the link, click the
ScreenTip button, type the description to
display in the ScreenTip, and click OK to
return to the dialog box.
1. Click the cell containing the text you want to
use as the link, or click a graphic.
Click OK. The link is inserted into the
worksheet. When you click the link, an e-mail
message appears, automatically addressed
to the e-mail address link.
2. Click the Hyperlink button on the Insert tab.
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 6-22.
Using and Managing Links
After creating a link, simply move the mouse
pointer over it and click when the pointer changes
to a hand to activate the link. Here are some tips
for managing links:
To edit the text in a cell that contains a
hyperlink, you can’t just click and edit
because as soon as you click, the link is
activated. Instead, click a cell nearby and
use the arrow keys to navigate to the cell.
Then type new text for the link or edit
the existing text using the Formula bar.
Press Enter to save your changes.
Figure 6-22
Create a link that generates an e-mail message.
3. Click the E-mail Address button from the
Link To list.
4. Enter the e-mail address you want to link to
in the E-Mail Address text box. Excel
automatically adds the text, mailto: in front of
the address you type.
To edit the place to which the link points,
move the cursor to the link cell. Click the
Hyperlink button on the Insert tab, and
the original information you used to
create the link appears. Make any changes
you want, and click OK to save them.
To remove a hyperlink, move the cursor
to the link cell. Click the Hyperlink
button on the Insert tab and click the
Remove Link button. The link is
immediately removed, along with the text used
to create the link.
If you’ve e-mailed this address recently,
select the address to use from the
Recently Used E-Mail Addresses list.
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