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Using Find and Replace
Using Find and Replace
When you work with large workbooks,
you may often find yourself wishing you could
locate a specific piece of data quickly. Using Find,
you can. Find allows you to search through data,
formulas, and comments in a worksheet to
locate the exact piece of information you are
searching for. Once something is found, you can
optionally replace that something with
something else. In a large workbook, this feature is
quite useful, as you can make massive changes
throughout the workbook to the name of a
product, the reported value of an investment,
or any other data.
You can search the current worksheet
only, or all the worksheets in a
1. If you want to search within a limited range,
select that range of cells. Otherwise, click any
cell in the worksheet/workbook you want to
2. Click the Find & Select button on the Home
Searching for Data
As mentioned earlier, Excel can search a
worksheet’s data, formulas, or comments. When
searching though formulas, Excel searches not
only the formulas themselves, but also the data
in the cells to which they refer. If you search
through data or comments, Excel searches only
through the actual data entered in cells, or the
comments attached to cells. You might search a
large worksheet for a particular employee, office,
or product, and then make some changes to that
item’s data.
3. Select Find from the pop-up menu. The Find
and Replace dialog box appears, as seen in
Figure 6-23.
Figure 6-23
Search a worksheet or a workbook for specific data.
4. Type the data to find in the Find What box.
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