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Using Find and Replace
5. To set options, click the Options button and
make your selections:
Using Wildcards for
Single Characters
To search for data that uses a particular
format, click the Format button, select
the format to search for (such as Currency
format), and click OK to return to the
dialog box. You can select a cell that
contains the formats to find by clicking the
Choose Format From Cell button in the
Find Format dialog box and clicking a cell.
You can use wildcards when searching, such
as * or ?. Use ? to represent a single unknown
character, as in Sm?th to find Smith and
Smyth, for example. Use * to represent any
number of unknown characters, such as
some*, which matches something, someday,
and somebody. If you are looking for data
that contains a ? or * you must type a tilde ~
in front of the character so Excel doesn’t
treat it as a wildcard, as in ~ ? or ~*.
Normally, Excel searches only within the
current worksheet. To search within the
entire workbook, select Workbook from
the Within list.
In order to decrease the time in which it
takes Excel to locate the data you’re
searching for, you might want to
indicate the direction in which you want
Excel to search the sheet. Just open the
Search list and select either By Rows or
By Columns.
6. Click either Find Next (to highlight the first
cell that matches your criteria) or Find All
(to display a list of all matching cells).
If you clicked Find Next, the cursor
moves to the first matching cell. If you
want, you can continue searching to the
next matching cell by clicking Find Next
again. Continue clicking Find Next to
search for matching cells one at a time.
Normally, Excel searches formulas and
the cells to which they refer. To search
data or comments only, open the Look
In list and select Values or Comments.
To match text by exact upper- and
lowercase, select the Match Case checkbox.
If you clicked Find All, a list of matching
cells appears at the bottom of the Find
and Replace dialog box, as seen in
Figure 6-24. You can drag a corner of
the dialog box to make it wider and
longer in order to make the list easier to
use. Select a cell in the list to move the
cursor to that cell.
To find cells that contain only the
contents you are searching for, select the
Match Entire Cell Contents checkbox.
When you’re through searching, click Close.
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