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Using Find and Replace
Drag to Enlarge the Dialog Box
3. Select Replace from the pop-up menu. The
Find and Replace dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 6-25.
Figure 6-25
Search for specific data and replace it.
4. Type the data to find in the Find What box.
5. Type the data to use as the replacement in
the Replace With box.
Replacing Cell Data
Excel can find data in a worksheet, and can
replace it with other data as well. When
performing a search and replace, you can choose to
replace individual instances of the matching
data, or all matches. Again, you can search and
replace data in the current worksheet or the
entire workbook. Follow these steps:
Searching for Special Characters
Wildcards such as * (to replace multiple
characters) or ? (to replace a single character)
can be used in searching. If you are looking
for data that contains a ? or * you must type
a tilde ~ in front of the character so Excel
doesn’t treat it as a wildcard, as in ~? or ~*.
1. If you want to search within a limited range,
select that range of cells. Otherwise, click any
cell in the worksheet/workbook you want to
2. Click the Find & Select button on the Home
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