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Managing Worksheet Views
Managing Worksheet Views
When entering data, especially in a large
worksheet, you may often want to change the
view. For example, you might want to zoom in
to see a smaller area of the worksheet, or zoom
out in order to reduce the size of the worksheet
onscreen so you can see more of it. Excel has
many special views you can use for particular
purposes, such as adding headers and footers
or adjusting where page breaks occur. In this
section, you learn how to control the view of
the worksheet so you can work efficiently.
There are various ways in which you can zoom:
To zoom to 100%, click the 100% button
on the View tab.
To zoom in on the currently selected
cells, click the Zoom to Selection button
on the View tab.
To enter a custom zoom percentage, click
the Zoom button on the View tab. The
Zoom dialog box appears, as shown in
Figure 6-26. Select the zoom percentage
you want. The Fit Selection option zooms
in on the currently selected cells. The
Custom option allows you to type in the
exact zoom percentage you want, from
10% to 400%. After making a selection,
click OK to zoom to that percentage.
Zooming In and Out
Zooming in increases the size of data onscreen
so you can view it more clearly. It also reduces
the number of cells shown onscreen, so zoom in
when you want to review a specific, smaller area
of a worksheet. Zooming out is the exact
opposite of zooming in—the size of data is reduced as
more cells are displayed onscreen. Zooming is
measured by percentages. At 100% zoom, data is
shown onscreen in the approximate size it will
appear when printed. At 200%, data is shown
at approximately twice its size. At 50%, data is
shown at approximately half its normal size.
Figure 6-26
Zoom in to an exact percentage.
Zooming Has No Effect
on Printouts
Zoom using the mouse by pressing and
holding Ctrl and rolling the wheel on the
mouse up (to zoom in) or down (to zoom
Zooming in and out affects the size of text
as it appears onscreen, but it does not affect
the size of text when printed.
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