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Managing Worksheet Views
To unhide rows or columns, select the rows or
columns to unhide by dragging over the row or
column labels next to the hidden rows/columns.
For example, to unhide rows 11–13, drag over
the row labels 10 and 14 to select those adjacent
rows. Then click the Format button on the
Home tab, point to Hide & Unhide, and finally
select Unhide Rows or Unhide Columns from
the pop-up menu. Again, to quickly unhide the
selected rows or columns, right-click the selected
rows/columns and choose Unhide from the
popup menu. To quickly unhide all hidden rows or
columns in a worksheet, click the Select All
button, and then click the Format button on the
Home tab, point to Hide & Unhide, and select
Unhide Rows (or Unhide Columns).
Hiding by Dragging
You can hide rows or columns by dragging
if you want. For example, to hide column D,
drag its right edge to the left until the
column width is zero. To unhide the column
later on, drag its hidden edge to the right.
Now, you have to position the pointer exactly
right to be able to pull this off, and not
widen a visible column. Move the pointer in
place, between the two visible columns that
flank the hidden column. Move slightly to
the left. When the pointer is in the right
position, it appears with arrows pointing
left and right, with two lines between the
arrows. Once the pointer changes to this
kind of double-headed arrow, drag to the
right to widen the hidden column.
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