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Sorting from the Ribbon
Sorting from the Ribbon
This sorting method is incredibly easy.
Simply click on any cell in the column (field) you
want to sort by, and click the A-Z or Z-A sorting
buttons on the Data tab. The buttons are shown
in Figure 7-1, where you also see a list of cities
sorted by their State field.
The A-Z button, which sorts in ascending order,
is also known as a “Smallest to Largest” sort in
Excel. Its companion, the Z-A button, sorts in
descending order, and is known as “Largest to
Smallest.” When sorting a field containing text,
the sorts are easy to forecast—an A-Z sort will
sort from A to Z. If you’re sorting a numeric field,
a Smallest to Largest sort (A-Z) will place the
lowest numbers at the top of the list, followed by
numbers increasing in value. Figure 7-2 shows
the same list of cities, sorted this time by Local
Population, in Largest to Smallest (Z-A) order,
which places the city with the highest population
at the top of the list.
Figure 7-1
Sort your list by any field, simply by being
in any cell in that column and using the
two Sort buttons on the Data tab.
Figure 7-2
Sort numeric fields just as easily—from largest to
smallest (as shown here) or smallest to largest.
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