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Creating Manual Groups from Sorted Rows
Creating Manual Groups from Sorted Rows
What if you don’t want to create
subtotals, but you do want to group your data
by sorted sections? For example, what if you
want to create groups for each state in your
Cities list, but don’t want to apply any kind of
calculation to the list—you just want to be able
to expand and collapse your view of the list to
show only certain states and their cities?
1 Button
2 Button
Excel 2010 makes this easy, with the Group
button, shown in Figure 7-20. The button is
found in the Outline group of the Data tab, and
is paired with an Ungroup button, which allows
your groups to be—that’s right—ungrouped.
Figure 7-21
Select the series of rows that make the group you’d
like to be able to set apart within the list.
Group Button
Figure 7-20
Create your own groups from a sorted
list—with the Group button.
To use the Group button, follow these steps:
1. With your list sorted, to create groups from
one or more of the fields, select the rows
that make up a group. Figure 7-21 shows the
cities in California turned into a group.
Figure 7-22
Group the states you want to be able to expand or
collapse. Those not grouped will always appear in
detail, but the ones you group can be collapsed
and removed from view in the list.
2. Click the Group button. 1 and 2 buttons
appear on the left side of the worksheet,
allowing you to collapse this group (use the
1 button) or expand it to show all the cities
in that group (click the 2 button).
To get rid of a group, select it (drag through
the rows that make up the group) and click the
Ungroup button. Pretty simple! If you’ve made
several individual groups, you will have to
Ungroup them individually.
3. Continue selecting series of rows, clicking
the Group button for each one. Figure 7-22
shows several grouped states.
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